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I'm noticing that we've all stopped doing anything here. That's a…

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I'm noticing that we've all stopped doing anything here. That's a shame. But I'll still tell you about books I've read, whether you're reading this or not.

I positively DEVOURED Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go last week, mostly due to the fact that I had to work offsite and spent 2 hours travelling to and from work each day. Man, it's a bit wacky. I can't really go into detail at all, because it's so easy to spoil everything. But I really liked the way his characters divulge little bits of info here and there that make you go "Oh what!!!! NOW it makes sense". I don't think I would ever read it again, though. It's strange, the story is bland in it's own sense, but it's because of the startling revelations that you keep on reading. I can't explain it any better than that without ruining everything! I suppose that is the beauty of it? I don't know. It was very easy to read.

Now I'm reading Monica Ali's Brick Lane. So far... ehhh it's well-written, but maybe I'm reading it too soon after Salman Rushdie (which broke my BRAIN) and the cultural aspect is just too similar for me to separate the two. I dunno. I've only read about 120 pages, so I have to give it a chance, don't I?

I'm also reading Haruki Murakami's Norweigian Wood. I heart Murakami. Nothing more can be said at this stage. I'm (very slowly) collecting his works. I didn't realise how popular he has become, on eBay his books go up to $20 easily... which is a good price to get for books that retail for $24.95!! Most books I buy on eBay end up less than $10 including postage. He's so cult.

I also read Philip Pullman's Northern Lights, on Bek's recommendation. I loved it! Children's fantasy rocks! I went out and bought the next two cos I can't wait to find out what happens, it was very hard to put down. To start with I struggled a little with the writing style, you know, being for children and all. But I soon got over it, it actually gets quite complex. I almost had to draw a flow diagram in my mind!! As I was reading this, I was like "I could never have digested a book like this as a child, how did young people get so smart and booky?". I was reading Baby Sitters Club, for the love of God. I can't wait til the Golden Compass comes out at the movies (which is the film of Northern Lights - Golden Compass was the American Title).

That's all for now.
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